Insomnia Festival


Insomnia Festival

24. - 26. oktober på Studentsamfunnet Driv
Fredag 25.oktober 2019 til Lørdag 26.oktober 2019


Insomnia Festival is an annual festival that seeks to evolve the creative energy of the north by creating a platform for new electronic music and techno culture. Insomnia is a festival for innovative electronic music – which means music created with electronic contraptions. The creative process within the genre is as varied as the music itself, and the festival hopes to display a wide variety of it. Insomnia Festival is a non-profit event, with our main goal to create an artistic melting pot and an important platform for innovative artists above the arctic circle.

The Festival also combines new music with new technology and design through public seminars during the festival. It takes shape through live concerts, dj/club events, seminar, workshops, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates.

Insomnia 2019 artists includes:

  • Jon Hopkins
  • Bendik Giske
  • Easter
  • Buttechno
  • Tim Hecker
  • Steve Hauschildt & Sabrina Ratté
  • RAMZi
  • Nihiloxica
  • Bamba Pana & Makavelli
  • Juliana Huxtable
  • Deena Abdelwahed
  • Nazar
  • Astrid Sonne
  • Maria w Horn
  • Dj Fett Burger
  • Special K & Farao
  • Soho Rezanejad
  • Rihardas Norvila
  • Hibotep
  • Jerico
  • Bear Bones Lay Low
  • Perera Elsewhere
  • Robert Curgenven
  • Sentimental Rave

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25. oktober