Studentsamfunnet Driv is owned by Norges Arktiske Studentsamskipnad and is run on voluntary basis by students at the University of Tromsø. At any time there are approximately 100 active volunteers in our organization. Driv first opened on April 1st, 2000, and in January 2014 we were relocated to new facilities in Mack-kvartalet (Storgata 6). Our student house consists of 4 bars, three stages of different sizes, and a basement where we house our cultural department. The concert rate at Driv is one of the higher ones in Norway. Several thousands of students have volunteered at Driv since 2000. We offer dining on all weekdays and Saturdays. We serve simple dishes like hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. The kitchen is run by professional chefs, who are among the few paid employees at Driv.


Driv moved to new facilities in January 2014. We are now located in parts of the old Mack Brewery in Storgata 6.


The working citizens make out the foundation of our student house! As a volunteer with us you are part of one of our working groups, either as a bartender, security guard, artist host, quiz host, technician, photographer or as a waffle seller at Cafè Bodega on campus. We also have volunteers who do more administrative work, planning and preparing all the events at Driv.

As a working citizen you get a free membership in the organization, and the best benefits Studentsamfunnet Driv can offer as a payback for the important effort you put down for us!

The cultural citizen is the people that makes the culturnoise in the basement and the rest of the student house. No student society can live without cultural citizens who make sure the cultural parts of being a student are well taken care of! Cultural citizenship is for you if you are a part of one or more of the following assosciations:


We are working hard to make sure Tromsø`s students have a great place to chill. We host big happenings such as concerts, as well as one of our most brilliant concepts HELEdriv, which means that the whole building is open for everyone.

Send an e-mail to: frivillig(a)driv.no

This is what you get as a volunteer

As a working citizen you get the following benefits:

  • Discount on drinks
  • 25 % discount on food in the cafè at Driv
  • Discount on conert tickets
  • Free drinks with your waffle in cafè Bodega at campus
  • Invitation to Circus Maximus (the annual Student Society Party)
  • The right to attend, speak and vote at the annual meetings
  • The possibility of bringing a paying guest over 18 years old, who is not a student to the Student house
  • Free wardrobe
  • The possibility of skipping the queue when entering Driv
  • Access to band rehersal rooms
  • access to hyblene (rooms owned and used by the cultural department)
  • Discount whn renting facilities at Driv
  • Internal parties
  • Guest list spots for conerts
  • Discount on coffee and tea