Insomnia fredag


Insomnia fredag

Fredag 22.oktober 2010
Program for Insomniafestivalen Fredag:

Haakon Scene:

Advanced Language (Bergen)

Tesla Boy (Moskow)

If you were ever to believe a hype, this is the one. Tesla Boy is probably the hottest band to come out of Russia since.. well, ever! With their debut record “Modern Thrills” out now, the buzz is not going to die anytime soon. With deamy melodies, Moroder-esque basslines, melancholic sleazy vocals and glittering synth hooks that are to die for, any fan of 80’s synthpop and the new wave scene is bound to fall head over heels for these boys. Not only do they keep it old school, they combine the best of the oldies with the best of the modern pop sound making the comparable to bands like Cut Copy and Empire Of The Sun. Tesla Boy already have to Russians going crazy for them so now they are ready to step out of the countries border and conquer the rest of the world. A little tip for you, bring your well rested body and dancing shoes, because this is going to get wild!

Wildbirds & Peacedrums (Gothenburg)

The Swedes Mariam Wallentin & Andreas Werliin came together as the minimalistic electronic duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums in 2006. Even though they have only been playing together for a few years, they have played all over Europe and won over the music critics of the world with their latest record “The Snake” which was released in 2009. Despite their strong pop leanings, it’s not surprising that Wildbirds & Peacedrums were awarded the Swedish Jazz Act of the Year in 2008. Their equipment may be largely restricted to percussion, vocals, and the occasional embellishment of keyboard, but their ability to fully eclipse these limitations and create music with a strong improvisational pulse and so much vitality, and proves that they are continuing to experiment in magnificent, dynamic way. Be prepared to get drawn into a magical world of their soulful, minimalistic music.

Shumi (Cologne)

Shumi has long been a key figure in Cologne’s music community, starting his DJ career in the late 90sHis residencies at some of Cologne’s most important clubs in tandem with constant gigs at high-profile venues around Germany and Europe, have demonstrated that Shumis DJ abilities are on par with those of the trade’s top players. His love for soulful, deep vibes combined with his somewhat uncanny ability to transition seamlessly between minimal techno and straight house led him also to enter the production area, with his very first record „Jump For Joy“ being released in summer on the famous Cologne based label Kompakt. Besides tearing apart international dancefloors, Shumi also runs the multimedia project Okinawa 69, together with his partner in crime Tasso, where visuals and music are merged into one multifaceted stream of consciousness.

Vørter Scene:

Jorn Liefdeshaus (Amsterdam)

When translating Jorn Liefdeshuis directly to English, it would mean as much as Jorn Loveshouse, and well, he does. Apart from being a quite impressive DJ, Jorn is also the man behind the well-known club nights Pixel and Bar Weinig, which both take place in several clubs around Amsterdam. Growing up on the eastern side of Holland, Jorn was influenced by many different kinds of music. He was a skater and listened to hip-hop. But Jorn’s first tape, which he got from his older cousin, was a real gabber tape. These two completely different musical backgrounds give Jorn a very wide range when it comes to playing. There is nothing wrong with the management part of the music business, but Jorn’s heart truly lies with the music itself. Playing records is his main passion, wherever, whenever and however. Jorn’s diverse and interesting DJ sets have earned him gigs in places such as Bar25 (Berlin), C/O Pop (Cologne) and just about anywhere considered to be a good venue in Amsterdam, Utrecht or Arnhem.

Captain Fufanu (Reykjavik)

Captain Fufanu consists of two youngsters from the Icelandic dance music scene and since their first gig in 2008, at the modest age of 16 (!), they have come a long way. Now also to the north of Norway for the first time! Kaktus and Gulli have now got a larger repertoire of music which continues to amaze and recruit new fans with their sincere and sophisticated approach to their unique take on electronic music with their mix of dub, techno, house and experimental electronica. The Icelandic underground techno label Reyk Veek has described the duo as “probably the youngest and brightest hope of the Icelandic electronic music scene”, so we are in for an exclusive treat!

Christian S (Cologne)

Christian S is a DJ and producer from Cologne. He is the only European to release and be a part of the Cómeme Crew around Matias Aguayo and has been responsible for the legendary club night “Lost” with the latter one. Christian S grew up in Cologne’s infamous early nineties clubs (IZ, Warehouse, Total Confusion) and is still in love with US-American deep house, techno, disco and its surroundings past, present and future. Christian S is a real DJ, a guy who knows his records and surprises you with stuff you never heard before, someone who has the skill to keep control over the dancefloor. Deep dancefloor knowledge is what you can witness when “S” is spinning the wheels of steel in the booth, making the girls sigh and shake to sleazy underground house jams, hypnotic wildpitch rhythms, modern zulu rhythms from south africa, untold psychedelic disco stories and also the powerful wallshaking basslines of his own tracks.
22. oktober