English: Why become a volunteer?

driv is always interested in new volunteers, and may be you want to join our crew?

We are working hard to make sure Tromsø´s students have a great place to chill. We host big happenings such as concerts, as well as one of our most brilliant concepts HELEdriv, which means that the whole building is open for everyone. Being a volunteer can be hard work, but we can honestly say that you are not going to regret your choice of becoming a volunteer. You will meet lots of new friends, get valuable working experience, and you last, but not least, will get to feel what it is like running annd beeing a part of a big organization.

Some of the groups and their areas of responsibility:

  • Café: Runs the cafe every day, as well as the stage bar in the main stage (Haakonscene) at Saturdays and during concerts and other happenings.
  • Mellombar: Runs the cocktail bar. Bartending and serving shots. Requires you to be 20 years old, due to Norwegian legislation.
  • Orden: Security. Watching the wardrobe, checking ID's, making sure that the guests are behaving properly and that everyone is having a good time.
  • Rigg: Responsible for the lights, the sound, the stage, everything technical.

What's in it for me?

-Amy Diamonds sings what's in it for me?
For example: no queues, free dinner while working, free entry on Saturdays, discounts on beverage, volunteer parties, your name on the guestlist for concerts! (first come, first served-principle.) and A LOT of new friends..
Send an e-mail with your name, mail and/or mobile-phone number to: frivillig@driv.no